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Colorful Greetings readers, today, just three hours, fourteen minutes and seventeen seconds ago I finished reading Insurgent PDF, the second part of Divergent. And, as well, to state very well, good book, yes sir, well, that’s all for today, in the next post about them … Wait, if you have decided, among hundreds of thousands of blogs enter this deserve a respect that I bestow. Here begins, criticism Insurgent.

I will not talk about the features, we already did in his day, today I come to try to make a semi professional review as I can. First of all, I want to note that, from Pocket Reviews, we offer our opinion on movies, TV series and books, at any time we want to offer a fair and professional review. What do I say then that is a review? Because looks good.

No well as describing the plot of the book without annoy people by the end of Divergent, so I’ll say that the end of Divergent is Gummy Bear. 

Well, after reading the gummy bear and all stay-faced “I the Mari cagüen milk, look, read this, go Gummy Bear colleague” Insurgent PDF starts immediately after this final. The characters travel to just Divergent Friendliness, that wonderful place where everyone, young and old wish to live, for to speak with faction leader and such. They tell the gummy bear and after a very attractive event to read travel to Truth, and more of it, do tests to see if they tell the truth, blah blah blah without eating or drinking just to abandoned.

Ais, really, you can not have more anger, but seriously, if I go, I know more than one person will hate me, I’m sorry but I can not follow. Mourn, that need.

Divergent download

I will give an honest opinion, far surpasses Insurgent EPUB and Divergent EPUB, with all scenarios that cover the characters, with all the adventures and age, with all the friends and enemies they are. It’s an amazing book,

But like everything, there’s something wrong, and to me, that “something” is the love between Tobias and Tris. In Divergent is supported, then because he was little. In Insurgent is becoming more and more and there is a moment in which Tris is somewhat traumatized by the Bear gummy and when he finally released (forced by the truth serum, or so, and what you will read) alone will Tobias matter how the news … And cases of “I have failed in my mission, have killed scores of people, Gummy Bear has not been for nothing, we are lost. And worse, I screwed up my relationship with Tobias “I honestly can not stand them.

I hope the third part, when you leave, take action Insurgent PDF but not as sappy (I like ñ), but … amoral (Amoral there?) And Divergent.

In short, thanks to Insurgent PDF, the Divergent series expelled from my heart to The Hunger Games, which I have great affection.