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Hello, divergent! Allegiant ended the same day it is released in English, but I have had a post-Allegiant PDF depression, so far not been able to do the review …
This week I was hysterical until finally came the day of publication of Allegiant . Mista later that I got the PDF and started to discuss the book with other bloggers. really has been a relief to find the end of one of my favorite trilogies, though perhaps not the one I would have liked.


The dystopian Chicago where Tris lives has been shattered. factionless The governing Tris knows everything, destroying factions and trying to create a world of equality. Evelyn But the leader of the factionless, is conducting its objectives through struggles , treachery, death and violence. Therefore, when Four asks Tris explore the world that lies beyond the world they know, Tris accepted. There was discovered a whole new world in which they are taught to understand things that until that moment completely ignored. Tris Four and discover new truths that will leave very confusing to both, all while trying to maintain a relationship of love, which, sadly, will not leave as they think.

“Love before the faction.”

I’m not lying when I say that Allegiant have loved to the point of falling in love. hoped I enjoyed this last part of the trilogy Divergent and the truth is that it has far exceeded my expectations.
Veronica’s narration is as perfect as in Divergent and Insurgent . It is agile, simple and nice. Being told from the perspectives of Four and Tris, delve more into them, especially in Four, as in previous installments in quite mysterious. 
Allegiant is extremely addictive. In one afternoon I finished. I remained glued to their pages for a long time, although there is a bit more extensive than other parts that may be a bit heavy. But my Allegiant liked from beginning to end. All there are long explanations needed to understand why certain things.
The action never leaves you. It is a factor that never fails in Allegiant , because the characters do not stand still, everything is constantly moving. This is another factor in why it’s so addictive. It also influences the plot, which is constant and slowly adding new surprises, mysteries and a lot of intrigue.
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At Allegiant , we go deeper into the characters he has knew and know other new ones are appearing throughout the plot. Discovered a much more mature Tris and more determined than in other books. clear evolution of this character note. Tris is now much more capable of herself and stronger than before. While Tris loved, has fallen in love Four me completely, even though in this book his attitude is different, more hesitant, more bipolar. Nevertheless, there are some times that it does Cuatro has rile me in over once.

“I was so afraid that we kept colliding again and again if we stayed together, and finally the impact broke me. But now I know that I am the blade and it is the whetstone., I’m too strong to break so easily and I someone become a better, more sharp, every time you play. “

The relationship much nicer and real love than in previous installments. I loved as Veronica has achieved a success of a relationship that at first seemed a bit strange and make it believable.
And now I will speak of the end. I already liked the time I’ve hated. It is what Veronica Roth. But nevertheless, I must say it’s been a particularly MEMORABLE end I’ll remember forever and ever .
In summary, Allegiant is a memorable final trilogy. It contains large doses of action that will make the book much more agile. This book is very addictive, so much that in a couple of evenings I have finished, despite its long stretch. The characters are much more perfect than in previous installments, and the love relationship is extremely beautiful and unique. If you want to read a book that gets to the heart and you will never go wrong for him, do not miss this book, although the ending is the saddest thing in the world, you fall in love.


And best All the action it contains.
The worst? Final. NO DOUBT.
What do you say? Do you have desire to read the end of Divergent? * – * Tell me!