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For readers who love dystopias I think this book will not go unnoticed, as they are many praise that has been so far of all people who have had the opportunity to read it. Is also preparing its film adaptation, which already have trailer that will be released early next year.
Due to either reason could not wait to get to the saga, since lately, plus trailer they were becoming known some screenshots of the movie, and I was learning without realizing many niggles argument. You know that I like to know as little as possible of the plot of a book to take maximum when they finally decide to read possible surprises, so I said ” and yes, yes, I touched buck . ” No I lie when I say I had a huge expectivas with this book. In addition to the dystopian genre has always been my favorite, everyone seemed to agree that the book was wonderful, original dystopia, protruding, which ensured strong emotions and difficult to forget history. What am I still had not tried doing? Probably because of the very great expectations in the end the book has not seemed neither exciting nor as wonderful as I expected it to be.

I recognize that the dystopian world created by the author if it is very original. Due to continuous wars did not cease in our world, it was decided that the main cause was the man’s inclination toward evil. The solution was to create five factions that sought to eradicate the features that were considered to peace.
faction formed Cordi ality , composed of those who thought that aggression was the problem. Formed Unluckily , those who blamed cowardice. Also Scholarship , for which blamed ignorance. See dad , to those who believed in the sincerity above all. And Agnegación , defending altruism and helping others.
Each person is born into a faction (their parents obviously) , but presented the sixteen entrants the opportunity to choose the faction to which you will belong for life. Once you have chosen you become an “insider”, and you have to go through certain tests that will make you a full member. Those who fail these tests become “abandoned” faction people without carrying a lot like the life of the homeless. Beatrice belongs to the faction Abnegation, but has never felt possesses the qualities necessary to fit it definitely . Now, at age 16, presents the opportunity to take a new direction in your life and choose a new faction which is more conform to their way of being and seeing life, although that divergent pdf leave behind their parents.

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Divergent download

Thus, the argument of this first volume is based on the quest for identity of Beatrice.What faction you belong to? What qualities houses inside? Can you be brave while altruistic eg ?. Beatrice will accompany on the evidence must overcome to earn their place in the faction that ultimately chooses, and therefore know further about other factions. We will meet many characters, especially initiates competing for a place in the faction with her. You will gain friends and allies, but enemies will not hesitate to remove the medium. But mostly you will find, in divergent, a person who means more to her than you might have expected. Actually if I think the whole, I realize that is a book in which it is introductory, but spend many things along the way. We get to see only the tip of the iceberg, because as I said, the book focuses too much on the initiation and little evidence on how the other factions and the world in general works. That’s what I’ve missed in this first book. Has also happened to me a curious thing, is that even though the pace of the book is fast, because I’ve read in a jiffy, sometimes gave me the feeling that it was quite slow. It was not until the end when the thing won positives and found myself totally hooked. Like any dystopian story, we are presented with a society that at first glance seems to be the best solution for everyone, but the end is not so . What has annoyed me from the beginning of society presents Divergent PDF, is that I believe no time at all in a society governed by those rules could be formed as well. know it’s a fiction book, and should have assumed that the author presents, but considering the nature of human being, I can not believe that everyone bet on the solution of creating factions to eradicate war and chaos in the world. If I’m brave I can not be nice? If I’m smart and I like the pursuit of knowledge can not be altruistic or honest? People are not. We are not a thing apart from the other features that can also possess. In fact it is what the book aims to teach somehow meant to be moral, but that did not realize when creating factions? rules governing each faction seem quite absurd in some cases. For example Daring components not stop doing dangerous things because well. What we have to travel by train to the city? In and out jumping off the train. What we’re bored and want to hang out? We climbed on ropes suspended in an abyss. That brave we are! Beatrice’s character did not like me too much as I descolocaban some of their reactions and confused me most of the time. I have not empathized a lot with it honestly. spite of all the minor gripes I have found, and although it has not been as good I expected, I liked Divergent PDF and I was surprised. Veronica Roth’s writing is direct and fluid, do not cut into the nasty and bloody parts, and when he tries not leave you hooked to your book. The book has a few last chapters of infarction, and promises a continuation in which we can become better acquainted with all factions and will feature more action. Incidentally, the book also has some spelling mistakes and misplaced words in its pages, which unfortunately it is becoming more normal …

In summary , Divergent PDF presents an original and curious dystopian society, but I have not come to understand and enjoy as much as expected. In turn the book if it has hooked me and I read fast. The last chapters of the book are the best, leaving us with the promise of a sequel that will delve more into society Veronica Roth created, and will feature more action.

SCORE:  7’50 / 10

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